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Now Recruiting!

Posted on 06 Apr 2021 @ 2:00pm by Chief Warrant Officer 3 Kevin Roe

While we are still developing our website the CGIS database has enough information and links to assist in creating a good biography. Existing members of the sim are still building biographies on the website but all applicants must now create a full biography. If you have any questions and would like help building a biography please join our Discord server and the GM will be happy to assist in working side by side in creating a new character.

As of now, we are recruiting for the positions of:

• Special Agent
• Special Agent Trainee
• Senior Special Agent
• IT Specialist (member of field team)
• Administrative Assistant (member of field team)

As of now, the following positions will eventually open as secondary characters for existing members:

• Forensic Scientist
• USCG K9 Handler
• Various Recurring USCG/CGIS Personnel

For more information please join Discord and view our website!


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