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What's Happening?

Posted on 26 Apr 2021 @ 10:12am by Chief Warrant Officer 3 Kevin Roe

Hey all,

Your friendly Game Manager Stephen here with a quick update on the ongoing things in and out of character! Right now we have our initial first meeting post wrapping up and I'd like to get that posted in the next 24 hours so let's get that done!

So what can you be doing right now?

1) Introduce your character! Please post something solo on your character by 1 MAY.
2) Get your biography situated! A couple of you have mentioned wanting to make some changes and I think one of you still hasn't completed the original draft yet so please get that done by 1 MAY as well.
3) COMMUNICATE! Let me know if either of those is an issue.
4) I'll be setting up some a post dealing with vehicle distribution that will occur IC on 3 MAY.
5) I will be setting up a post with a second meeting occurring on 4 MAY involving preparations to get on to Cape May which will include a briefing on their lodgings.
6) 5 is pending on a JP I will be starting with the Yeoman today.

Questions I've noticed!

1) Please utilize our database we have some things that are canon to our universe you might not find on the web! Anything on our own database overrides anything in real life. There are also fantastic links to real-life references that are very helpful in this situation.

2) Your character can know other characters! The Coast Guard is very small and is a tight-knit community! I've met many people I've crossed in my Coast Guard time multiple times in different places and people that knew my Aunt (who is on Active Duty). I've even ran into coasties I met treating them at a clinic that I met on my civilian job as a paramedic responding to calls together (I work on the Long Island Sound so we work with the Coast Guard a few times a year at least.)

3) Review ranks and get familiar with them... Wikipedia is pretty good about how it is structure. Remember that Warrant Officers are Mr/Miss Sir/Ma'am, NCOs are normally addressed as their rating "YN2" for instance with our Yeoman who is a Petty Officer Second Class and a Yeoman. Any questions about that please ask before submitting a post.

4) We are Coasties! We aren't Guardsman or anything like that. I suppose Coast Guardsman is okay... but we like to call each other Coasties and our teammates are always called our Shipmates (even though we don't have one) or battle buddies (partners).

5) Any questions please please please let me know!

I think that's all I have for now.... Remember posting is open from 1 APR to 3 MAY as of now with 3 MAY being the first workday with RRT3. We are located in Portsmouth, VA there is no such thing as COVID (wouldn't that be nice?). Intro your characters get bios formed up and we will get our first episode underway as soon as we are all moving forward.


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