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Civilian Cirice Meliora

Name Cirice Meliora

Position Forensic Scientist

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 110lb
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Short & Petite. Wears her hair long in a back braid. Dresses in Western Style.


Father Jeb
Mother Angela
Brother(s) Daniel, Mark, James, Michael, Joseph
Sister(s) Reenie
Other Family/Important Relationships On/Off again boyfriend: David O'Sullivan
Pet: Black Oriental Shorthair Cat, answers to Tits.
Grandpa: Ezekiel
Grandma: Doris

Personality & Traits

General Overview Still a bit of a country girl at heart, and a bit rough 'n tumble from having grown up with so many brothers. Generally good natured with an easy smile on her face. Gets nervous speaking to crowds. She does smoke on occasion. Has difficulty driving under 60 on a dirt road. Is a very self sufficient do it herself type. She is fluent in English and New Mexican Spanish. She is also a pretty decent line dancer.
Ambitions To someday have enough life experiences to write a book.
Hobbies & Interests Target shooting, horseback riding, doing picture puzzles, reading mystery novels. Runs a Youtube channel, Lore of the Dead presenting the basics of forensics and archaeology in an easy to understand format.

Personal & Service History

Employment Status Civilian
Warrant Officer/NCO Rating
Personal History Cirice was born at home, same as her siblings on the ranch that has been in her family dating back to New Spain somewhat near Cimmaron. Homeschooled for grade school and helping out on the ranch soon as she could walk. It was while she had a vicious bout of the flu as a child she found two of her great loves: Nancy Drew Mysteries that were found in the attic and videotaped episodes of Quincy M.D..

Taking the bus to high school in town allowed her to indulge in her passion for mystery novels and learning what it'd take to be a coroner like Quincy. She did earn the nickname 'Spooky' while in high school for her morbid interests, but a few well aimed punches nipped any teasing in the bid promptly.

Come college, her parents were accepting of her course of study though her grandparents deplored it as they couldn't see her finding a husband if she was learning unladylike stuff like forensics. Overall, Cirice enjoyed college. She did well in her classes, made a wide variety of friends, networked like a madwoman. After classes she did her year of certification and was ready to dive right in to working only to hit the wall of no one was hiring.

Six months of no luck with job hunting, much like how a failed police candidate goes into working security, Cirice went to mortician's school in Utah. She did well in her classes, but again hit the hiring wall. In this case it turned out that funeral homes tended to strongly preferred candidates that already had a few years in the field experience, and even then, generally hired family.

Feeling a bit despondent over striking out again on the job hunt, Cirice returned home to rethink on what to do next. On a trip to town, she bumped into a high school friend who mentioned there was going to be some positions opening up with the State Department of Public Safety. Cirice leadfooted it back home to apply.

Finally employed in her field, Cirice bounced around the assorted lab facilities for a time before deciding to toss her had in the ring and applying to the CGIS.
Service Record Northern New Mexico College, Espanola- Bachelor's Degree- Forensic Sciences 2010-2014
Forensics Certification 2014
Arapaho Community College, Utah- Associate's Mortuary Sciences 2015-2017
New Mexico Department of Public Safety- Forensics Lab 2018-2020
CGIS 2021-