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Chief Warrant Officer 2 Bryce Grey

Name Bryce Telcontar Grey

Position Special Agent

Rank Chief Warrant Officer 2

Character Information

Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Age 49

Physical Appearance

Height 6’1
Weight 172lbs
Hair Color Light Brown (Greying)
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Bryce is a stocky but lean looking person, very muscular thanks to constant exercise. He has 6 pack developing abs and wide shoulders, with a wiry but stocky build. His hair is short and brown but has started greying at the edges, make to his annoyance. Unlike most, he has a beard, which is more thick stubble then anything.

He has a couple of old healed up cuts and the sort on his body, but nothing major. He has no tattoos either. He looks reasonably intimidating, though he doesn’t really notice, and he also has average teeth.


Spouse Charlotte Cortez (F46, Lieutenant, USCG Physician, Bryce’s Fiancée)
Children None
Father Jonathan Grey (M60, Former USN MACS, currently Owner and Captain of Fishing/Crabbing Trawler "The Whispering Wind"
Mother Prof Ayla Grey (F61, US Fish and Wildlife Service Wildlife Veterinarian)
Brother(s) Eli Grey (M43, USN ABM1, USS Wasp)
Charlie Grey (M41, Bounty Hunter, Massachusetts)
Sister(s) Stella McMullen (F50, Commercial Pilot, Alaska Airlines)
Other Family/Important Relationships Henry McDowell (M48, NCIS Senior Special Agent at Norfolk, one of Bryce's best friends)
Hamish Tingey (M35, USCG GMCM, USCGC Harriet Lane, one of Bryce's best Friends)

His two Australian Sheepdogs, Tolkien and Martin.
His many farm animals, such as pigs, goats, pigeons, ducks, geese, sheep, turkeys, peacocks, chickens and horses.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bryce Grey was a very dedicated and loyal man, but he was also a scarred one. The guilt over the accident, the one that led to the deaths of four men under his command, weighed heavy on his conscience and the banking of the Intrepid still haunted him. He was known to have flashbacks of it occasionally, and still felt extremely guilty over the matter.

But despite his tendency to self-prescribe unhealthy amounts of alcohol, he was still a solid officer and while his confidence has been crippled, he made it his life's mission to prevent such an event again for anyone and to support fellow officers whose minds are as scarred as his.

Bryce managed to hold on to a dry sense of humour and a certain degree of compassion. Also, he remained passionate about his work, especially with his work at CGIS. He was extremely loyal, to the Coast Guard and to his Guardsmen in Arms, and was well known as the kinda guy you want as your 2IC.

Bryce is very strict, and follows the law to the letter, very rarely breaking it. He is a pretty terrifying sight, though he may not know it. He does make an effort to be nice, and has a goofy and nerdier side, being a big fan of fantasy and board games, especially tabletop ones such as D&D.

Bryce also displays disgust towards fellow military members who he feels have disgraced the uniform by committing various crimes such as murder or robbery. He also displays a huge, almost overwhelming anger towards those who have abused or assaulted children, often resorting to violence, being one of the few occasions when he will break the rules to see justice done.

Despite the fact that he is no longer only deployment overseas, on ship or in a combat role, Bryce’s military habit’s are still evident in his daily routine and habits; he still takes a "Navy shower", keeps his house in impeccably condition (His Library’s bookshelf’s of books and board games is legendary for its neatness amongst CGIS, as is his D&D and Wargaming Figure collection), maintains a fitness regimen and is sensitive to sound when asleep. His military mannerisms are also apparent in the way he approaches his cases and his ability to remain calm even when under intense pressure.

Many people have said Bryce has driving issues, which has led to his habit of driving other people's cars and faster-than-legal driving style, much to everyone’s dismay.

Ambitions To get over (and to prove to himself to himself it wasn’t his fault) the Intrepid Incident

To become an Officer

To become a CGIS Supervisory Agent
Hobbies & Interests He has a big love of the Fantasy genre, and of D&D and other Tabletop RPGs. He also likes Board Games and RPGs in general, especially Wargames.

He is also a big History nerd, and has massive amounts of books, especially history and fantasy ones.

He does Krav Maga and Eskrima, and is very good at them both.

He also really enjoys alcohol, brewing, and hunting. He is really just a fan of the outdoors, and lives on a a small homestead, with animals and gardens.

Personal & Service History

Employment Status Active Duty
Warrant Officer/NCO Rating Investigator (INV2)
Personal History Bryce Grey was born and raised on Kodiak Island, Alaska, living on his family’s homestead a little outside of Kodiak. He was raised by his mother and father. His father, a US Navy Veteran, was very strict and hard on Bryce and his siblings, trying to model them to be perfect US Navy Candidates. Yet Bryce and his older sister Stella, and later his younger brothers, never really wanted to, and happily spent their days running around the forests, going fishing and hunting, and in Bryce’s case doing RPG’s Board Games and Martial Arts, especially Eskrima and Krav Maga. He had his mother though, who served as a barrier between the children and their father.

Bryce participated in US Navy JROTC which he really enjoyed and served as a Cadet Master Chief Petty Officer, serving as the units senior most enlisted cadet. His fathers constant buggering and the JROTC training convinced him that a career in the military was a good choice, but not in the navy. The Coast Guard had a station on the island in town, and Bryce would always see Cutters sailing around and helicopters soaring in the air, off to rescue people. He felt this was a more noble goal then the navies, especially given the guards “People first, Mission second” attitude. So when he turned 17 he applied for the Coast Guard, telling his parents it was the Navy, under the Delayed Entry Program so he could finish school, doing basic training during the school holidays.
Service Record NOV 1990 – Enlisted USCG Via Delayed Entry Program
AUG 1991 – USCG Basic Training at TRACEN Cape May, NJ
DEC 1991 – USCG Basic Training Graduate, begins BM A-School, alongside Tactical Coxswain School and Basic Boarding Officer School
JAN 1992 -Finished BM A-School and the other two courses. Assigned Hamilton Class USCGC Chase with rank of Petty Officer Third Class
SEP 1994– Promoted Petty Officer Second Class.
JUL 1995 –Promoted Petty Officer First Class.
OCT 1997- Reassigned USCGC Polar Star.
AUG 2001– USCGB Intrepid Incident. 52-foot Motor Lifeboat Intrepid, serving as an Auxiliary to USCGC Polar Star, is dispatched off the coast of Greenland to assist a sinking US Merchant Marine vessel. CPO Grey, while serving as Coxswain and Vessel Commander, accidentally crashes in a large piece of ice below the surface. 4 Guardsman are killed, countless more injured. CPO Grey is injured with 2 broken ribs, 4 bruised ribs and a bruised collarbone after being thrown across the cockpit during the crash. CGJAG rules in CPO Grey's favour, as due to stormy conditions and the attempt to rescue a ship in waters which were believed to have been surveyed when they had not due to mapping and clerical error, it was decided the so called "Icebank" could not have been foreseen.
FEB 2002 – Transferred by request from BM rating to Maritime Law Enforcement rating
APR 2002 – Cleared for Full Duty and Assigned to ME A-School, FLETC Charleston, SC
JUL 2002 – Graduated A school and assigned to to ME rating before being assigned to Legend Class USCGC Bertholf. Meet Charlotte Cortez.
OCT 2002 – Promoted to Chief Petty Officer before attending Chief Petty Officer Academy, TRACEN Petaluma, CA, which he would Graduate
SEP 2004 – Transferred to Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT) East, Chesapeake, VA
JUL 2006 – Offered Promotion to Senior Chief Petty Officer. Rejected to apply for Warrant Officer Candidate School
MAY 2008 – Files transfer to Coast Guard Investigative Service.
JUN 2009 – Attends Warrant Officer Candidate School, New London
OCT 2009 – Graduated Warrant Officer Candidate School with top marks before being commissioned as as a Chief Warrant Officer Class 2 before being Assigned to and passes Coast Guard Investigative Service Special Agent and Crime Scene Technician training, FLETC Charleston NC
AUG 2010 – Graduated and assigned as Trainee Agent at CGIS Field Office, Elizabeth City
MAR 2011 – Finishes Trainee Agent Period and assigned as full agent. Assigned CGIS Field Office, New Orleans
JAN 2016 – Assigned Resident Agent, INTERPOL
AUG 2016-Promoted Senior Agent. Becomes engages to Charlotte Cortez.
NOV 2017- Assigned as Senior Agent, CGIS Field Office Marine Security Detachment Saipan
CURRENT 2021 – Assigned Chesapeake-Capitial Region Office, Chesepeake VA, as a Senior Special Agent