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Family Time

Posted on 30 Apr 2021 @ 4:40pm by Special Agent Kamea Kai
Edited on on 30 Apr 2021 @ 4:40pm

Episode: S1E1: Back to Basic
Location: Kai family residence, Hanalei on the island of Kauai
Timeline: May 1st

The breeze drifted in through the open window, carrying with it the scents and sounds of family. Stories told in Hawaiian with the occasional Korean or English word thrown in. Course, today there was an effort to translate for "THE MAINLANDER" as she'd come to be known; the mainlander girlfriend her cousin was seeing, the one with the blonde hair, pale skin, and brittle laugh.

It was a day like so many she'd had growing up, laughter and stories while the food was unwrapped and spread out on the lanai -- tender slices of Kalua pig, bowls of rice, poke, laulau, and even Lomi. Salads, dishes they had made in deference to their Mainlander guest, and a heaping platter of fresh fruit that she herself had spent a couple of hours slicing before being shooed out of the kitchen to finish packing.

She resisted. Not that she minded, more for what it meant. Still, she made tidy, economical piles of jeans and pullover tops. Sunglasses, shorts and sandals. A pile of bikinis, wetsuits and water shoes. All of the things she knew to wear, the uniform of her life.

Her life in Hawaii.

She stopped then and wondered what it would be like in Virginia. How strange not to see palm trees and family and tourists turning scarlet because they refused to wear sunscreen. Stranger still not to be able to go to the beach, surf early in the morning, with the locals, before the tourists descended.

For the first time in her life, she would not be the local.

Kamea dropped to the floor, long legs stretched out in front of her, and wiggled her bare toes as she search for the weather in Virginia. As the child of a tropical climate, comfortable in the heat of a Hawaiian summer, she had never known cold weather. Never needed heavy boots or parkas or wool hats. The idea of seeing actual snow had some appeal though it would probably cut into her time on the water.

She switched over to the yearly view and sighed. She would pack her long-sleeved tops and the few light jackets she owned but that was not going to be enough. She would need to shop. Just another thing to add to an already long list. Find a place to live, to train, to study for her pilot's license. Transportation, a new phone. Clothes for the winter. So much.

A daunting list that she pushed resolutely out of her slightly panicked mind. The decision was a good one, she knew that. Still, in these last hours before she left, she felt swamped with the sadness of saying aloha to her life. When the decision is made, her Makuakane (Father) would say, all that's left is to find the courage. Mama would quote Shakespeare -- screw your courage to the sticking place. Course Lady MacBeth had something infinitely less noble in mind but the advice was sound. After all, that same advice had gotten her all the way to Oahu for college.

"Kamea," Mama called. "Manawa e  Ľai ai."

"Hele mai ana, Mama," Kamea answered as she surged easily to her feet and walked barefoot out of her room, the same room she'd had all of her life. Time to pack later, she thought. Right now, there was good food and people she loved. She could always sleep less; time for that on the plane.


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