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Terminal F

Posted on 27 Jun 2021 @ 12:27pm by Chief Warrant Officer 3 Kevin Roe & Special Agent Erin Reeves

Episode: S1E1: Back to Basic
Location: Philadelphia International Airport
Timeline: 6 MAY 2021, 1300

The drive from TRACEN Cape May to the Philadelphia International Airport had taken about an hour and forty minutes. It wasn’t terrible and it gave Kevin time to think about the caseload and status of his team which was now completely shuffled around their SAC.

He was picking up the newest member of their team who was flying in to meet them from what he assumed was their hometown. He wasn’t sure how or when they’d deal with moving to live near their office and arranging their personal life but he figured it was the trainee’s problem.

He had parked his official vehicle in the no parking zone of the passenger pickup area of Terminal F. He’d been standing at the exit, where passengers left the security zone, with a cup of extra large coffee in hand his badge and gun evident. He figured that should be enough for the trainee to pick up on he certainly wasn’t making her a sign.

He leaned against the wall and pulled his work phone out to check and see if he had any updates. The Yeoman was working on getting a phone and laptop for their trainee but he had for now programmed her personal number in the phone which is how she knew he’d be there to pick her up.

Erin stepped through the final check nodding to the guard in the process and she moved toward the luggage area. She had simple business attire with black low-heeled pumps, white pants, white shirt and black unbuttoned business jacket. The issue SIG was in the belt holster, covered by the jacket and on the other side, she had a bag on her shoulder. To her surprise her luggage was already waiting for her, so she picked the extra-large holdall on wheels and turned toward the exit.

Glancing at the wristwatch, she confirmed she landed on time. Her green eyes slipped over people around but she saw no one looking like waiting for her specifically. She was informed that someone was going to pick her up, but whoever it might be wasn't here. So, she walked toward the exit from the terminal with the bag comfortably dragged behind her. She sighed deeply in relief. Finally, she got away from California. She hoped to leave her bad luck there and start here anew.

Just as Erin was leaving the security zone, she finally noticed him. The badge and the gun were ostentatious which only made her grin. It certainly was better than a big board with Special Agent Reeves. "Hi, I think you are waiting for me." She said as she approached, swapped the handle of the bag into the left hand and reached out with her right in the greeting. "Erin Reeves."

“Chief Warrant Officer Three Kevin Roe,” he said, introducing himself. “I’m the Supervisory Special Agent and the team leader. Welcome to Cape May,” he said, shaking her hand. “This way, please,” he said, motioning with a nod toward the door that’d lead directly to his car. “How was the flight?” He asked, as they started in that direction.

"Nothing out of ordinary." Erin replied following the taller man outside and toward the car. "Thank you for picking me up." She added as they reached the car and she stopped at the rear, ready to drop her big travel bag in the rear but waiting for Roe to open the vehicle first. "Though I didn't expect the team leader himself to do it. I hope it wasn't a problem for you, sir."

"Not at all," he said. "The others had more important things to do and I figured I could help get you acquainted with the situation and get a feel for you while we were driving. Hopefully, it won't take too long to get back. It was about an hour and forty here..."

He went to the back of the car and used the key to open the door, all CGIS vehicles, were law enforcement variants of the commericially avialable vehicle. You could only open the trunk of the vehicle if you were holding down a button in the front of the vehicle or using a key.

"We each carry our own M4 both of ours are secured in my car currently and each vehicle carries a shotgun. I had to return two team members back to our office in Virginia so I had one of them leave an M4 behind for you for now. You will also have a vehicle you can use off duty while we are on this assignment but you will be working with a partner in their vehicle while on duty."

Erin listened to the explanation and nodded at the end. She picked her luggage and put it in the trunk. Telling about the basics might upset someone else but not Erin. She served and she knew there were unique differences in every branch. The sooner she would understand the differences between the Navy and the Coastal Guard, and between LAPD and CGIS, the sooner she would move past being a rookie. "Understood, sir." She confirmed.

She stepped back and then walked toward the front passenger seat. "Who I will be partnered with?" Erin asked looking at Roe over the car. She grabbed the doors handle and opened the door but didn't get in waiting for the senior officer to join her.

"Me for now," Roe said, as he opened the driver door of the Ford Explorer Interceptor. He got inside and started the car before he turned to look at her as she got in as well. "We will figure out a case to work tomorrow, there's a bit of a list, most of them are a little on the ridiculous side but we're working on solidifying a relationship with a major command and one of our few police departments."

Erin got inside at the same time as Roe. She settled in her seat and put on seat belt. "I see. So I'll wait until tomorrow with more questions about the job." She turned her face to Roe. "What about the team? What can you tell me about the people we are going to work with? Have you worked with them before?"

“I have not, it’s a completely new team, and most of the team is on the newer side. Right now half and half civilian and warrant officers. Seems like a good bunch we had a bit of a last minute shakeup so I don’t really have much of an answer for you,” he shrugged. “We all will be learning about each other at the same time.” With that he started up the vehicle and put it in gear before heading out.

“As for the job,” he said, as they pulled out into the line of traffic. “This is your first unit and we will start off slow and you will slowly start to run your own cases with someone at your side. Hopefully by the time you are done with us here you’ll be ready for whatever your first full assignment is…” he said. “What is your background?”

Erin grinned playfully looking at Roe. "I am a naval aviator with all the baggage it brings." She was curious of the reaction to that as she was trying to gauge what she could expect from the team leader.

"Unless you are asking about the law enforcement." She added after a brief pause with her usual matter-of-fact tone. "Then I was in LAPD for seven years, as a uniform patrol, a pilot, and for four years in the CID. What about you? What's your background?"

“Why would you give up being a pilot to do this?” Kevin asked, he was surprised, he glanced toward her as they stopped at a red light.

Erin sighed and shrugged.
"A man." She said flatly. "Desire to have a family and children. Love." She smiled melancholically at the last bit. "By the time it was clear I am a bad wife material there was no way for me to come back to fly combat fighters. Police was the second best thing and I like to think I am doing at it almost as good as I do flying."

"I started out as a rescue swimmer but I messed up my shoulder and so I went Law Enforcement so I could keep a career in the Coast Guard," he said, honestly. "Started in Bootcamp worked up to Chief, and then became a Chief Warrant Officer," he explained. It was an impressive career to be sure and one that anyone from a maritime service would appreciate.

"Never thought of trying to get into the helicopters here?" he asked, surprised.

"Impressive career, sir." Erin nodded. As a servicewoman, she always had respect to people who rose from ranks. She paused thinking briefly how to address the question. "Honestly, I tried helicopters in LAPD. However, helicopters never had this... thing for me. They are like a vege meal when you are hungry and thinking of a steak." Erin winced. "Falls too much off the fun side and too much into utilitarian side." She paused looking at Roe trying to assess if he got the idea. She felt it was hard to explain it to someone who might not understand the flying. "Do you fly, sir?"

"I get what you mean," Roe said. "I never was a pilot or anything like that and I but a helicopter was certainly the best tool for my job. It was about jumping out of the helicopter into the ocean or repelling down onto a ship that I was doing a tactical boarding of, or whatever else I was repelling down to. I've never been in a fighter and I'm sure it must be some kind of crazy rush but I don't think they'd do what I need."

Erin nodded. "Yes, that is one those things that comes with the baggage I mentioned. I like when things have thrill to it and are not too bland." She grinned. "What about you, sir? Do you have weaknesses like that?"

"I think I wouldn't be human if I didn't," Roe said, not really into answering the question. "So tell me... why the Coast Guard?" he asked, returning his questioning to business.

Erin thought for a brief moment if she should call him on answering only those questions he wanted. Then decided against it. She was guessing that this was an informal interview and he was the boss here. "Couple of reasons. The two major ones... the Coast Guard is closer to the Navy than FBI and two I was promised I will have an opportunity to leave California." She replied truthfully though not elaborating. "Is it unusual to get people from other service branches in CGIS?"

"Not necessarily," Roe said. "Honestly most of the CGIS is made up of reservists who come from all sorts of backgrounds. Prior service, straight reservists, what have you... and second, most is civilians. The active-duty component is by far the smallest and I'm the only one on the team. Well the only one who is an investigator our yeoman and eventually our IT Specialist are active duty."

Erin nodded. "How big is the team? Apart from from the yeoman and the IT specialist, are the rest just investigators?" She asked.

"Including us there are two other investigators," he said. "And our IT Specialist hasn't been assigned. This team is brand new... it came about of a larger need for major case squads when they combined the Capital and Chesapeake regions together. I've not worked on this type of team... I've spent my CGIS time either as a Resident Agent or most recently on the Joint Terrorism Task Force in New York. I don't think they tend to get much larger though."

Erin nodded considering what she heard. It seemed when everyone will know each other it will be smaller and more tightly knit group. "What will be our area of operations?" Erin asked after a moment watching the road. "And are you planning a bigger meeting that will introduce everyone to everybody, sir?"

"We have a daily briefing at the conference room at Coast Guard PD every morning at eight-fifteen," Roe explained. "I'll introduce you to them in the morning. When we get back to Cape May we'll go there the Yeoman and I are set up in the CGIS Office there and you can grab your car and get your room and get settled... we'll get started on a case of our own tomorrow. You will have to work out of your room as the setup at the CGIS office is a bit tight as there's normally only one or two resident agents.

"Understood, sir." Erin nodded. "Accommodation is my responsibility, right?" She asked more to confirm if nothing had changed. The briefing on the departure had most of the information she needed yet from the talk she learned it was a bit outdated, like with the size of the team.

"No, it will be in transient housing on the base. Yeoman will help you with that information," Roe said.

That was a pleasant surprise, Erin thought. She was waiting with booking the hotel for herself and apparently, it was good she did. She fell silent turning her face to watch the road.


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