Team Vehicles

Created by Chief Warrant Officer 3 Kevin Roe on 15 Apr 2021 @ 9:49pm

The vehicles currently assigned to Regional Response Team Three via Fleet Services.

Year - Color - Make - Model
Team Members Assigned
Vehicle Notes
300 2020 Blue Ford Interceptor Utility (Explorer) INV3 K. Roe Supervisor's Take Home Vehicle
301 2019 Silver Ford Interceptor Utility (Explorer)
302 2019 Blue Ford Interceptor (Taurus) SA A. Passolini
303 2018 Silver Ford Interceptor (Taurus) INV2 B. Bradley
304 2017 Brown Ford Interceptor (Taurus)
SA E. Reeves
305 2021 White Dodge Charger Pursuit Out of Service, Awaiting Delivery
306 2021 Black Dodge Durango Pursuit Out of Service, Awaiting Delivery
390 2020 Black Ford Transit
Unassigned Crime Scene Support Vehicle

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